Organise a Tifo Card Stunt

Official Fanclubs

The process of organizing an event is straightforward

Depending on the number of participants and position of home/away sections, you decide about the sections that you want to activate.

The next step is defining the number of colours for the event which basically depends on the official colours of your club, the complexity of your choreography designs and also the budget.

You would then be required to provide us with a detailed seat chart of the stadium before we can add the event details to our database, after which your supporters can join the event and participate in the design and voting process.

As an organizer, you would be able to manage and moderate the event through a control panel integrated into the application.

Independent groups

Fanclubs and independent groups are also encouraged to participate in and organize independent events. If you have previously organized tifo events, that would be a very good indication of your ability to organize a new event with our new technology. Does your group have no experience in organizing this kind of event? That is still fine, we have developed Stadiugraph to enable all supporters group to realize choreos regardless of the experience. Let us start a pilot on 1 or 2 sections as a stepping stone for larger and more beautiful choreos.

Tell us about you and your supporters’ group and we would get back to you soon!