Olimpia Milano

Olimpia Milano

Case Study

Trying new things is always a challenge, Kudos to Olimpia Milano management who were open to our proposal and joined us in this very first pilot plan in Italy where we realised our first sequential choreography event.

This event was organized in collaboration with Comunità Nuova, an Italian NGO which is mainly involved with primary and lower secondary school students, sports clubs and oratories, with the aim of educating mutual respect and tolerance:

“The activities carried out in sporting contexts and in schools are all aimed at preventing any form of verbal and physical violence and at spreading a different culture of fan support, through the promotion of the values of sport and the inspiring principles of human relations”

Mediolanum Forum

The arena has a seating capacity of 12,700 and is one of the largest indoor arenas in Italy.

We were assigned to coordinate a choreography in 3 sections which accommodates 600 basketball fans.

Seating chart – Mediolanum Forum

Design proposals

Gameday Performances

We performed this sequential choreography event with fans without any trial before the game. We had to rely on a 5-minute induction session just before the match to coordinate and perform these 3 choreography sequences. Out of caution, we eventually settled with 3 simple designs to make sure the first pilot event event would not go wrong even if some the stands had some empty seats or if some of the younger fans made mistakes.

Here are the results

Solid blocks
+ Sign