Why Stadiugraph

Choreography arrangements in the sports events are magnificent, exciting, and a demonstration of love for the team. They undoubtedly influence the in-stadium fan experience and make yet another reason to attend the match instead of watching it on one’s comfortable couch. The curious thing is that there have been very few innovations in the way we perform these events compared to how they used to get done decades ago. As a result, they may often be very simple, predictable, and sometimes even embarrassing. 

In our opinion, Tifo can be seen not only as a demonstration of love and support but also as a very loud medium that can empower the fans and let them express themselves. We have taken this idea of “Tifo as a powerful medium for the fans” very seriously. We aim to engage more fans and have their voices heard.

Enhanced traditional tifo

Tifos are thought out and coordinated by a relatively small group of fans. These fans are those who sacrifice a lot of their time, money and energy to come up with an idea, design it and eventually perform it on the stands. In such circumstances, however, other potentially better ideas, which might seem amazing to the majority of the fans, could be left aside due to the inefficiency of the communication tools or lack of them. Another reason why the current tifos may look insufficient is the fact that very often, the developments on the pitch require a different message than the one which is already prepared. In such situations, it is impossible to reorganize and create other designs, as the traditional way of arranging tifos requires weeks if not months of preparation.

Using Stadiugraph free application, all the fans who are creative enough, can participate in the design of the tifo and propose a message/graphic design, right on their cellphones. While the rest of the fans can still vote for the designs to help identify widely accepted messages that would raise the morale of the beloved team. In the end, we would have a detailed section-by-section map of the seats and colours, ready to be used on the stands. Providing that we already have the colour flags, coordinating a new design even with the conventional method (Laying down a colour tile on every seat before the match) could be done even a few hours before the match.

Sequential & Realtime Tifo

In addition to all the necessary tools to design and coordinate a traditional tifo, we have also added features to enable performing a sequence of different tifo designs. Technically speaking, we can perform a tifo within minutes after we design it on our smartphones. Of course, it would require teamwork and some basic training among your supporters’ group, but as a result, it would be possible to perform as many different designs as we want, in a single match. In other words, we would be able to react to the developments on the pitch and use tifo as a new medium to send messages that are more relevant to the actual state of the game!

Every fan will participate in an amazing real-time tifo experience that gives Goosebumps to sports fanatics all over the world. The wait is over! the future of sports choreography is now available in your pocket!