Interactive Choreography

You probably have seen it during the important matches between big clubs or probably the last derby in your city which defined the champion of the league. Depending on where you live, you may call it Choreography, tifo, card stunt or mosaic and it is becoming more and more common to see such displays before the games.

The importance of the support from the stands is priceless for the players. It gives them strength to carry on in the toughest moments of the game. That's the reason why the home court gives such advantage for the teams or individuals in any sport.


Stadiugraph is an application for organizing instant choreography events in the stadiums. There are 3 main problems with current choreography/tifo events:

  • Limited to one design for every organized event.
  • Pre-composed messages by organizers and lack of proactive fan participation.
  • Long lead time (it takes weeks if not months to organize a tifo event)

We have developed Stadiugraph to make it easier and faster to organize tifo displays. In addition to all the necessary tool to design and coordinate a traditional tifo, we have also added features to enable instant/realtime choreography. It means that using our crowd-sourcing tools, now we can perform a tifo within minutes after we design it on our smart phones.

All the fans who are creative enough, can now participate in design of the tifo and propose a message/graphic design, while the rest of the fans can still weigh in and vote for the best designs. Eventually, as the organizer of the event, you can schedule multiple designs and use tifo as a new medium to react to happenings on the pitch!