For some people is so difficult to understand the seriousness of the love for sports teams - but for those who understand, it is one of the things that marks their whole lives. For them, it is not strange to have fully packed rooms with posters, items and clothes, or even crazy tattoos of the beloved teams or sports legends.
These people organize their lives with sport on their minds, putting the match days of their teams as highest priority. And when the highly-anticipated day will come, they are willing to do everything that would help their teams win the game. We've already got used to seeing spectacular choreography events at the stands of the sports arenas, organized by the fans.
The importance of the support from the stands is priceless for the players. It gives them strength to carry on in the toughest moments of the game. That's the reason why the home court gives advantage for the teams or individuals in any sport. 
The so-called tifos are usually organized in classic matches, like big rivalries or local derbies. Tifo is a word of Italian origin for the phenomenon of supporting a sports team. These spectacular manifestations are arranged by the supporter clubs or ultras groups with aim to show their love and support to the club. 
The tifos must be perfectly arranged and synchronized. Every fan in the stands plays his own role in the "big picture", as every single seat must feature paper or flag with pre-defined color. However, there are cases when some other "things" will appear instead of the intended message, or when the people on TV cannot understand what the fans wanted to write on the stands due to bad synchronization. Even though these situations may happen, they shouldn't discourage the fans to look for new and innovative ways to show their love to the sports teams from the stands...