About Us

At Stadiugraph, we are dedicated to empower the fans and help them express themselves. We have developed a product to connect the fans all over the world and facilitate and strengthen the relationship between the clubs and the supporters. Using our app, every single fan can suggest a message or an elaborated custom designed choreography which would be later chosen or discarded by the vote of the other participants. The design with the most up-votes would be scheduled and performed in matter of minutes and requiring the least prior preparation. Stadiugraph helps the fan to get their voice heard, and makes the stadiums an even more vibrant place to attend.

Prior to Stadiugraph:

  • As an organizer or cheer leader, one had to plan for weeks if not months to design a choreography, assign a color to each seat, and distribute the colorful sheets the the right seats.
  • As a ordinary fan, we used to see a colorful sheet on our seat, We barely know what is the design and message of the choreography prior to execution. the only thing we were supposed to do was to raise the sheet.

After Stadiugraph:

  • As organizer, you can now set up and design choreographs in matter of a minutes.
  • As a fan we go to the stadium, and receive 2 or more colorful sheets on our seat or at the entrance. Depending on our position and the design of the tifo, we raise a color that is assigned to us for an specific message and specific time. obviously this message could change during the match.


To empower the sport lovers and provide them with cutting edge technologies to express Themselves. To connect the fans all over the world and help the club building a better relationship with them.


Enabling the fans to interact and connect during stadiugraphy events and provide them with tools to have their voice heard . Assisting the clubs to make the attendance in stadiums an even more vibrant and memorable activity.