Instant choreography events - introducing an innovative way to support your team


Choreography arrangements on the sports events are magnificent, exciting and a demonstration of love for the team. They undoubtedly influence the in-stadium fan experience and make yet another reason to attend the match instead of watching it on one's comfortable couch. They are also a demonstration of the fans wit and taste and introduce the supporters as another 5-star player for the team. Choreography events date back to almost 100 years ago and gain more popularity in 60's and 70's. The curious thing is that there has been very few innovation in the way we perform these events compared to how it used to get done 100 years ago. As a result these activations may often be very simple, predictable, and sometimes even embarrassing especially when the supporters get pranked by the opponent supporters. Such situations are possible due to the fact that tifos are thought out and created by a small group of fans which do their bests to come up with the best messages and designs. In such circumstances however, other potentially better ideas, which might seem amazing to the majority of the fans,  could be left aside due to the inability of raising the voice and getting those ideas to the decision-makers.
Another reason why the current tifos may look insufficient, is the fact that very often, the developments on the pitch require different message than the one which is already prepared. In such situations, it is impossible to reorganize and create other choreography by using the traditional way of arranging tifos. However, it is a dream of every fan to show his love and support for his beloved team during the matches by writing some giant letters on the stand. Those messages undoubtedly have enormous meaning for the players in the crucial moments of the game, and simultaneously provide deeper connection with the fans.
In such circumstances, a new approach towards the tifos is needed. Recognizing that need and using modern technologies, we at stadiugraph have been developing a new tool by which we may now participate in the planning, creation and arrangement of the choreography events during the sports matches! The instant choreography events represent the future of the tifos. Through an innovative smartphone app, every fan now have the chance to propose ideas about messages, colors and design, vote for existing arrangements, and receive instructions for their role in the tifos. 
The real-time tifo events will provide the fans with opportunity to easily create multiple designs for one match, define roles for every fan, communicate with the group during the match, and above all all, produce widely accepted messages that would raise the morale of the beloved team. It's very simple: by looking at the preview of the tifos and following the instructions from the smartphone app, every fan will participate in an amazing real-time tifo experience. It is an unforgettable show that gives Goosebumps to the sports fanatics all over the world. The wait is over - the future of the sports choreography is now available in your pocket! 

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